Creative Spotlight – West Coast Bio Tech Designs

This month’s Creative Spotlight features a unique, yet functional file folder for West Coast Bio Tech, one of California’s leaders in medical waste disposal. The company was looking to have a fully-functional file folder that could be used during sales pitches, yet also act as a usable folder for the West Coast Bio-Tech team.

Our designer, Bryan Pickens, constructed a unique file folder with bold representations of hazard elements. His goal was to give the company a brand personality and look that would stand out among competitors, and could be carried over to other marketing materials.

Bryan researched multiple paper suppliers to find an interesting Kraft speckletone cover stock to give the piece a natural and organic feel. The color of the paper allowed us to cut printing costs for the client by only using a two-color process on the press.

From the paper stock to the custom die-cut and edgy illustration, we enjoyed delivering a truly custom piece to our client, and look forward to doing the same for future projects.