Giving a Big JP Thanks for the Holiday Season!

Our JP family is starting off the holiday season right, with delicious food, great conversation and remembering what we are grateful for! We’re thankful for so many things: challenging projects, great clients, amazing vendors and so many other talented people that we work with!

Read about all the things each member of the JP Team is thankful for this year!

Jane – Having the best marketing team in the valley!

Paul – Another day above ground.

Patrice – Good health for me and my family.

Josh – Having a good job.

Tanya – My husband, my son and my dog!

Jessica – My family and my health.

Rae – Reality TV and rap music.

Sonia – Being able to be back home and spend the holidays with my family.

Jeanna – My family, friends and coworkers!

Laurie – My dear friend Carol and my three adorable granddaughters.

Andres – I was born a human and not a monkey.

Joshua – My family

Michael – Really good tacos.

Allison – Sashimi.

Bryan – My two kids.

Peter – Four-day weekends.

Lisa – My husband, my family and my home.

Anna – Finding a job soon after graduating from college, and my adorable dog Henry!

Vick – Coffee.

Alisa – Friends and family who make the holiday times special.

Greg – All the opportunity that has come along this year, meeting so many new creatives and for what 2013 may bring!


What are you thankful for?

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