Community Food Bank

You may have heard that we’ve been working with Community Food Bank as our JP Charity for 2012! Community Food Bank was built to address the nutritional needs of the Central Valley. As a team, we decided that we wanted to jump on the assembly lines and do some hands-on volunteering at the heart of the organization – the distribution center.

In September, Community Food Bank staffers gave us a Hunger 101 simulation. It taught us how difficult it is to by food on a limited income, a hardship that many Central Valley families face each day. All of us were moved and impacted by the presentation and could not wait to help.

On Wednesday October 17, we had the pleasure of visiting the Community Food Bank Distribution Center to assemble meal boxes and pack backpacks full of food. We packed a total of 250 backpacks, and were told that it could feed 1000 people for three days.

Donating time, funds, or food can help feed a local family in their time of need. For every $1 donated, Community Food Bank provides $8 worth of food. They distribute food to around 90,000 individuals daily, which adds up to approximately 24 million pounds of food each year.

We are a family-owned business and believe in treating our clients, vendors and staff members like they are part of that family. We want to continue helping fill the plates of other families, and hope that we can inspire others to do the same. Check out our fun Facebook photos from volunteering at the Community Food Bank.