Sometimes, You Just Need To Relax

Stress is a necessary part of life. Pressure from a time crunch can drive extreme productivity, or produce a creative masterpiece. Stress may be necessary, but relaxation is just as essential to stay sane. Some stress experts recommend setting aside 10 – 30 minutes a day to relax and unwind from your hectic schedule.

554430_393455464060854_1405580151_n-224x300On October 10, the very stressed and busy JP staff was treated to massages from the ladies of Dr. Jennifer Henrique’s Chiropractic Wellness Center. Needless to say, everyone was in a much better mood that day. Massages every day probably aren’t budgeted into your financial plan, but there are many other ways to step away and relax.

Here are some simple ways to relieve stress and tension:

Meditation/Deep Breathing I don’t mean sitting on a rug, lighting incense and humming. Meditation doesn’t have to be a big production; it is as simple as closing your eyes and breathing. Listen to your breathing and actively calm and relax your body.

Light exercise – Exercise may seem like the least relaxing activity of your day, but a short walk or power yoga class can release tension and get your mind off of work. At JP, many of us take ten-minute walks each day to break up our work and stretch our legs. Ten minutes of light exercise in the middle of your day can make huge strides in keeping you calm and focused.

Hot Tea – Tea is rich with antioxidants and can work wonders on daily stress. The relaxing effects from tea have recently been backed up by western science with claims that is suppresses a hormone that causes stress. Some added benefits include strengthening your immune system and lowering risk of cancer. Who knew a few leaves and some water could do all that?

Do Nothing for Two Minutes – The site that forces you to relax! We know you have at least two minutes of your workday that you can do absolutely nothing. Turn off your phone, don’t check your email, close your door if you have one. will calm you with the sound of the ocean for two minutes of your day. If you touch your computer at all, you will fail and the time will start all over again.

Making a conscious effort to unwind from the stress of your day will not only improve your mood, but also your work – an easy sell to your boss!

– Anna Gonzalez, Outreach & New Media Manager