The Monday Morning Quarterback

5 Hot Advertising Trends

We talk a lot in the advertising industry about using alternative means to reach our target markets, but have we really embraced the concept? Over the past 20 years, we’ve gone from a meat and potatoes approach (TV, radio, newspaper) to a slightly more inclusive media mix that includes web properties.

But the fact of the matter is that audiences (and eyeballs) are becoming harder and harder to find these days. With DVRs in so many households, TV commercials are easier than ever to zap. The increasing audiences for satellite radio (affluent shoppers) are leaving local, terrestrial radio for fare that is often commercial-free. Don’t even talk to me about the state of magazines and newspapers.

And when it comes to the web, according to a recent Adotas article, the promise we saw a few years ago is beginning to lose it’s bloom.

Even though we are in a recession (or a recovery, however you want to look at it), some e-commerce experts have estimated that online retail sales will continue to grow and expect spending to reach $224.2 billion this year. That’s the good news. It’s reported that small to medium-sized companies are heeding their warning and optimistically increasing online marketing efforts so they can compete with large multinationals to gain these shoppers’ attention and money.

However, the web is also full of sudden changes and new technology. As a result, online advertising methods that worked 12 months ago may no longer be effective as advertisers are forced to keep adjusting their mix of marketing strategies. What the smartest companies have realized is that the best way to get attention and increase revenues is to stay on top of advertising trends. Here, according to Adotas, are the hottest new trends in advertising:

Using Independent Artists or Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Right now, the hottest advertising trend is to be different and unique.

For instance, Dunkin Donuts in Korea recently implemented a gizmo (consider it to be Glade air freshener meets radio) that apparently plays a coffee ad/radio jingle on Seoul buses and then blasts individuals with a whiff of coffee. Apparently, they believe that the aromatics of the coffee coupled with the jingle will inspire bus riders to purchase Dunkin Donuts coffee. But, they aren’t the only ones. Recently, Red Hot Tomato pizza joined the creative marketing strategy. They currently offer a VIP refrigerator magnet that is connected to blue tooth technology and holds your favorite pizza order. So, when you push the button on the magnet on your refrigerator, your favorite pizza is ordered and delivered.

Affiliations with High Traffic Businesses

For new and upcoming businesses, an affiliation with a high traffic company has worked very well. For instance, if one were selling coffee (like Starbucks) partnering with a complimentary business like a bookstore (Barnes and Noble) could mean immediate access to the right markets.

Shifting Ad Volume to Other Media

According to the report from Global Digital Advertising Update, the mobile user market has surpassed conversion rates and ROI compared to desktop computer users. More importantly, the Cost Per Click for mobile gadgets remains lower than desktop but is  experiencing a 20% increase on ROI.

It turns out, in recent surveys, that about 85% of mobile phone or tablet users log into the web using their mobile devices. With the new location-aware mobile devices and low cost apps, even local merchants can get onboard with online mobile advertising by using ad networks.

Using Third Party e-Commerce Providers

This particular trend has become more popular lately because it has been simplified with monthly plans and site coaches. Companies with no idea how to get into e-commerce can subscribe to these providers and not have to worry about site set-up and its maintenance.

In some cases, the provider will even offer a free trial period before charging subscription or membership fees. Others will tag a transaction fee but include SSL certification as part of the deal.

Cover All Ground

The fifth trend in advertising is going where the users are – or re-marketing by following quality traffic. In short, it means finding your target market and going where they go so that you can put your message in front of them. This can be a more complicated approach because you will have to place advertising in different platforms, but it can be very effective in raising brand consciousness and awareness. However, one must be very cautious not to appear too often that it annoys potential customers. There is still a line to observe and never cross. Most professionals in advertising know the exact equation to preventing ad overload.

In conclusion, advertising changes every single day – what worked today may or may not work tomorrow. By utilizing hot advertising trends like out-of-the box implementation, strategic partnerships, shifting ad volume, using third party e-commerce providers, and following quality traffic you can gain leverage over competitors and make the most of your advertising efforts. Quite frankly, it all works when it’s put together by professionals. TV, radio, online, new media and out-of-the-box thinking – it’s the ultimate media mix.

– Art Reker, Account and Creative Executive