Getting Things Done

On the Friday before Labor Day, Keri Bennitt, Marketing Vice President at Fresno County Federal Credit Union, called and asked if it would be possible to make a full-size photo stand-up of FCFCU’s popular spokesperson, Jason Hurst to use at the Madera District Fair the following Wednesday.

Though the Friday before a three-day holiday may not be a day you typically expect to get things done, JP stepped up, prepared the artwork, and called upon AllSigns in Clovis to manufacture the standup. On the Tuesday after Labor Day, the new standup was delivered to FCFCU, where Marketing Dept. crew member Erica Weaver became one of the first of many to pose next to it. We say “many” because Jason’s standup is about to become very popular — it will be part of FCFCU’s display at the Madera County Fair. It took less than 24 workday hours from order to delivery to use — with a Labor Day holiday weekend in between. That’s how you get things done.

– Art Reker, Account and Creative Executive

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