From Jane’s Desk

Big Goals Need Big Posters

I’m one of those people who subscribes to lots of free e-newsletters from a variety of sources.  Eventually I get around to skimming most of them, and a recent one from FedEx Office (yes, everyone these days has an e-newsletter!) featured the article subheading “Do More. Spend Less (time and money).” Compulsively, I clicked the article as if this was going to be the end-all, be-all tidbit of information that was finally going to help me achieve this daunting task.

The article didn’t necessarily tell me anything new. It focused on five essential leadership skills for managers, and they are five things you’ve heard before. However, the article also highlighted the importance of “sharing the vision.” I know this is a print-and-ship company and of course they are going to try to entice me to print or ship something, but I actually thought this was a good idea:

Share the Vision

Printed documents and posters are a powerful tool in leading employees to achieve your
 business goals. Use these visual aids in order to:

  • Communicate your business vision
  • Reinforce specific goals, such as sales or safety measures
  • Chart progress in achieving those goals
  • Congratulate team members

Communicate, reinforce, chart and congratulate do seem like important tasks that require leadership focus. And if printing and laminating those things on big posters helps me be a better leader, I’m in. Now excuse me, please, while I head to the nearest FedEx Office location.

~ Jane, President of JP Marketing