Junior Achievement Visits JP

On August 8, we had the pleasure of hosting Fresno County students, ranging from age 15 to 19, at the JP office for a job-shadowing day. We wanted to provide our employees with a way to give back, and found the perfect opportunity to provide students with knowledge about our business – the Junior Achievement Program.

Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization that educates youth on business through real world experience and hands-on curriculum. One of our clients serves on the advisory board of Junior Achievement and introduced us to Laura McGrew, Executive Director of Junior Achievement in Fresno.

We showed the students a typical day in our “un-agency” environment by giving them a tour of the JP office and attending stations in design/web, social media, account management and general business operations.

The JP Creative Cave was the hot spot for some of the students. One student drew us a picture before he left.

We spent breakfast through lunch with them, and as much as we told them about ourselves, some shared just as much. One boy was turning 16 in two days and promised us that we’d be receiving his resume in a few weeks. A 19-year-old girl was just about to start her first semester of college at Fresno City College. Another girl had her heart set on starting a Youth Ops program to involve students in learning about job opportunities and fundraising for fun activities.

We hope that we gave some glimmer of inspiration towards their future, or showed them that there are more job options than they might have imagined. It’s important to us to motivate future generations and give as much advice and guidance as possible. Though this was our first time hosting the Junior Achievement Program, we all hope that this was not the last.

– Anna Gonzalez, Copywriter