Do you want your reality augmented?

Ray Bradbury was wrong – instead of burning books – we’ve evolved the technology to wear them on our faces.

Google recently unveiled the “Project Glass” prototype – a pair of wearable glasses with the all the abilities of a mobile device – GPS capabilities, voice command, camera, etc. To be released in 2014, Project Glass is in the main developmental stage, but is already causing a lot of buzz in the technology and marketing fields.

Imagine – walking down the street and being led to your destination by your glasses, or taking a picture of exactly what you are seeing without holding up a camera. These next-generation glasses will integrate the World Wide Web into your life like never before and maybe like never intended.

Think this is farfetched? The shape of things to come may be about the size of a dime. The US military is experimenting with data displays that can be projected directly into the wearer’s eye via contact lenses.

It is going to be years before this technology hits mainstream consumption, but marketers need to be prepared for the huge transition. Will the advertisements be flashing along the top of your glasses? Will there be intermissions in between streaming television shows? Or will your GPS point you to suggested locations in your area?

There are going to be hundreds of prototypes and tests before these are fully realized, but as I try to comprehend the capabilities – it makes me a little afraid of technology. How far off are we from technology bypassing commands and just reading our minds instead?

Would you invest in a pair, or is Google taking functionality and technology too far?

– Anna Gonzalez, Copywriter

This video demonstrates Google’s ultimate goal for the Augmented Reality Glasses.