2012 JP Office Olympics

Everyone at JP is a little bummed that 2012 Summer Olympics are coming to a close this Sunday. Some of us just discovered Race Walking and Trampoline events, and can’t believe that the Closing Ceremony is creeping up on us. Keeping in spirit with the Olympics, we’ve asked each employee the following:

In what Olympic event would you win gold?

Jane  – Number of Emails Read, Responded to and Filed Between 2-3 AM
Paul  – Sport Eating
Olivia  – Beach Volleyball
Jeanna  – Just Dance for Wii Competition
Tanya  – Competitive List Making
Patrice  – Babysitting
Rae  – Nail Polishing
Jessica – Professional Terrible Cooker
Rae and Jessica  – Synchronized Office Decorating
Joshua  – Competitive Schmoozing
Evan  – Spaghetti Eating
Lisa  – Home Remodeling
Josh – Party Pooping
Art – Banana Peeling
Anna – Speed Writing
Vick  – Staring Contest
Allison  – Competitive Sleeping
Andres  – Polar Bear Wrestling
Michael – Ketchup Drinking Contest
Bryan – Pink Bunny Toss
Peter  – Photoshopping Bryan’s Head onto Weird Bodies
Laurie  – Speed Sewing

What’s your best event?