What inspires you?

“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.”- Chuck Palahnuik

We know this to be true, especially in the world of advertising. You can stare at a script for an hour knowing that something is off, but if that light never flicks on, you will keep rearranging the same uninspired words with no better result.

So now we must ask… how can you get that glimmer of inspiration to push you through to write the right words, or paint the brilliant subject or whatever it is that you do?

Frank Lloyd Wright found inspiration for his famous architectural projects from nature and built them to be in peace and harmony with the environment.

Jackson Pollock drew inspiration from Indian mythology, culture and art.

We at JP are inspired by a multitude of subjects: from cookbooks to great movies to our inspiring clients!

Our creative team is turning their wall into a brainstorming center of inspiration.

At one point, we all hit a wall, no matter how creative of a person you are, no matter how remarkably inspiring your subject is. Here are some tips to help you break through that wall and relocate your creativity:

Change your physical environment: If you are stuck in a rut, get out of your office chair. Go take a quick stroll outside, or sit under a tree relax and let your mind wander.

Brainstorming. Mind mapping and Free writing: these three creative activities we all learned in English class when having to write essays. They aren’t as fun as playing outside, but they are proven methods to tap into the right side of your brain.

  • Brainstorming involves writing down as many ideas as possible for a set amount of time, and then riffling through them to find a genius one!
  • Free writing is similar. Obviously this works when the creative task is a writing task. The idea? Write. Write until your knowledge about the subject has run dry. Then go back, edit and organize what you’ve written.
  • Mind mapping can work for many different projects. Write down whatever it is you need inspiration on: a new recipe, a home-improvement project, a website and then circle it. Draw branches out from smaller tasks or ideas within this project. Branch off of those branches with other relevant ideas. When you’re mind map is finished, the hope is that you’ve worked out all of your ideas and found the brilliant idea you were looking for.
  • Talk: Sometimes you’ve just been in your head too long. Get out! Talk! Sometimes while bouncing ideas off a person about your latest project, you can work through the roadblock!

    Forget About It: One of our designers, Vic, says that when stuck in a slump he “becomes the slump” and forgets about the project. After taking time to think about nothing else but the project, he moves on and erases it from his thoughts. His subconscious mind continues mulling over it, and he finds his answer when he least expects it – like while making a left-hand turn at a stoplight. After thinking so hard for so long, all you need is a little break to get back on track.

    Follow People That Inspire You: Social Media and the World Wide Web are full of brilliant people that may inspire you! Find a blogger who shares similar interests or one you just admire. Explore Pinterest or StumbleUpon and find posts from around the world! Some of our favorite sites to draw inspiration are: IncredibleThings.com, CooksIllustrated.com, Adverblog.com, Abduzeedo.com and Googleartproject.com

    Enhance your knowledge and skills: Indulge in all the content you can consume. Read books and magazines, watch plays and movies, listen to hours and hours of music or start a new artistic project. It doesn’t matter what you do, all that matters is that you are developing new knowledge and skills. Never stop learning. Never stop creating.

    For some, imagination and inspiration come easily. For others, it is more of a struggle. We all have a right half of our brain; sometimes we just don’t use it enough and need to be inspired.

    Our advice? Try and do something creative every day. Even if it’s only a doodle on your notebook, redecorating your living room, or cooking something new. Keep those creative juices flowing daily and it will become easier for you.

    One question still remains: What inspires you? Is it your favorite author? A good song? A genius blogger? We want to know! Let us know your secret to unleashing your creative side in the comments below.

    ~ Anna Gonzalez, Copywriter