Do You Talk to the TV?

Ok, confession time: I am completely addicted to my computer. So much so that if I’m watching TV, I have to have it open and in front of me. I’m a part of the three-screen generation.

As much time as I sit in front of my TV and computer, I rarely talk about what I’m watching via social media. I have tweeted Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy) once or twice to give my two cents on the Housewives. I’ve commented on the ever-frustrating actions of Mad Men’s Don Draper, but for the most part I keep my thoughts to myself. Why? Because I don’t really think people care about what I have to say about my TV-watching habits.

Just because I don’t talk about what I watch, doesn’t mean others fall just as silent. I found this fascinating infographic from  this morning that measures social media activity (mentions, likes, check-ins) across TwitterFacebookGetGlue and Miso. I completely dig it. Not only is it a great way to keep a pulse on what is going on in the wide world of television and social media, but it’s a great measurement tool for media buyers to see if certain shows and networks are really getting the reactions they think they are. I’m in love and this is going to be something I check every day.


But I’m curious…do you use social media to talk about what you are watching on TV?

~Tanya, Outreach & New Media Manager