Cheating in the 2012 Summer Olympics

Did you eat your Wheaties? Are you hydrated? Did you stretch? Are you as pumped for the next two weeks as I am? The 2012 Summer Olympics have finally arrived!

The opening ceremonies start tonight and numerous friends are already posting on Facebook and eagerly tweeting to prepare for the big event. People are already buzzing with excitement and the games have yet to begin!

As excited as I am, some of the magic seems to have fizzled out for me this time around.  Years ago, we would tune in at all hours of the day to watch our favorite events on TV. The anticipation would escalate as we sat on the edge of our seat waiting to see who would come out on top.

With Twitter, various Internet news sites, the latest Olympic phone apps and the huge time difference, it is so easy to “cheat” and find the winners without ever watching a minute of the event.

The ceremony is starting right now (I’m writing this at 1pm on Friday). I’ve already seen a photo without even trying. I’m busy and will tune in when I can, but I know I will rely on the Internet to fill me in on the games across the pond.

But I’m curious … how will you watch the 2012 Summer Olympics?


~ Tanya, Outreach & New Media Manager