Account Management Spotlight: Sole 2 Soul Sports

We want to welcome Sole 2 Soul Sports to the JP Family! In June, we began working with Sole 2 Soul Sports, locally owned and operated running and fitness stores in Fresno, Visalia and Bakersfield. Jill and Scott Newton opened Sole 2 Soul Sports with the hopes of creating a friendly and welcoming environment for anyone interested in running and fitness, from beginners to long-time running enthusiasts. Plus, they have this really cool machine that measures your foot called the iStep that will help find the perfect shoe for you.

Our esteemed account manager, Jessica Madrigal, is a passionate runner and the perfect person to manage Sole 2 Soul Sports. To date, we have taken previously shot television spots and edited them, booked a media buy for the commercials, and supported their social media efforts.

Sole 2 Soul Sports’ goal is to promote physical fitness for all ages and to give back to the local community by supporting youth activities. We cannot wait to work with them more in the future!