The View From My 4 Inch Heels

What’s in an Award?

I admit it, I like trophies. The shiny gold plastic running human form atop a small piece of marble awarded for raising the most money in the school jog-a-thon. The majestic red holographic columns stacked three tiers high with a gold plate double-faced-taped to the base that reads First Place, County Pageant. Even the wooden plaque that never hangs straight. The tarnishing medallion. The crumpled blue ribbon that stands as a reminder of an accomplished moment in time.

Recently, JP Marketing was awarded the Agency of the Year by the Fresno Advertising Federation. A gleaming, laser-engraved acrylic testament to seventeen-and-a-half years of blood, sweat and tears. I was flabbergasted at the news and filled with joy when all but two members of the JP team were there to hear me accept it on their behalf. That acrylic quadrilateral will always serve as a symbolic reminder of last week’s cherished moment in time.

But more than that, it’s a metaphorical pat on the back for a job well done. Being recognized by my business colleagues in a room full of talented professionals is a humbling and thrilling experience. It’s a pat so big and so meaningful that it almost makes me forget the many sleepless nights and stomach-turning decisions it’s taken to get to this point.

Thank you, FAF, for the recognition. It really does mean a lot.

~ Jane, President of JP Marketing

One thought on “The View From My 4 Inch Heels”

  • Lee Horwitz says:

    Very well put. Lots of very successful people get to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but few get recognized for it. It’s not only very much deserved, but I’m also sure it is another of what will be many, many forms of recognition, accolades, and appreciation.

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