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A&M Flooring AmericaWe like working with family-owned businesses for many different reasons. However, there is one big one they have in common that sets them apart from others in their fields: They are committed to doing the right thing.

Yes, doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Even when it’s not profitable.

A&M Flooring America is so committed to customer satisfaction that when the market turned and home improvement purchasing ceased, that commitment drove them to file Chapter 11 reorganization. It wasn’t an easy decision, but one that was executed with complete transparency; family members, staff, vendors and the general public were told exactly what was happening and precisely what the plan was to come out of it. Painful cuts in overhead were made, closing four of their six locations, but what remained in tact was their 70-plus-year family reputation: providing quality, service and selection. For the Horwitz family, providing service means making sure every customer is happy with their flooring purchase and installation. Twelve months after filing, they emerged a stronger, more viable company, with the ability to uphold the family values defined in 1940 by Alex and Morris Horwitz. Today, A&M is on a path to profitability while remaining committed to doing the right thing – even when no one is looking.

In this challenging world of economic difficulties and unscrupulous behaviors, now more than ever is an opportunity to do the right thing. It’s what we at JP aim to do to set ourselves apart as we grow into our 18th year, and we’re looking to grow with companies who are driven to differentiate themselves in the same way.

2 thoughts on “From Jane’s Desk – A&M Flooring America”

  • Lee Horwitz says:

    We are honored to have these things said about us, and we can say that these tough decisions and transitions could not have occurred without the help and dedication of the entire JP team. We NEVER feel like we are in this fight alone, thank you!

    • JP Marketing says:

      We are a family! We feel privileged that you trusted us help get you through a very tough time. Through the good times and bad we are here!

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