Addy’s Night TONIGHT!!!

The 2011 Addy’s are TONIGHT at the 1401 Grand in Downtown Fresno and we’re ALL pretty excited. MO is wearing shoes that make her 19’ tall, Gabe was less than a half hour late to work, Paul is wearing his good turtleneck, Josh is sporting his good orange knit cap and I even trimmed my beard last night. Yeah. It’s THAT kind of of excited at JP.

What I love most about the Addy’s is the opportunity to gather with other people in town doing the sort of stuff we’re doing and celebrating our cumulative work to create great advertising for businesses in Fresno and beyond. The chance to show each other that sort of work Fresno can be proud of is too good to miss.

So we won’t miss it. JP Marketing will be there IN FORCE!!! Having a rocking good time and (hopefully) bringing home a few plaques. SEE YA THERE!!!

Anthony Taylor
JP Marketing